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.….then 3D print your own molds to fit inside the frame

Buy an aluminum master mold frame….

3D Printed injection molds

NOW AVAILABLE! New aluminum master mold frames.


3D CAD files available for free download

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Formlabs also recently introduced a new 3D printing resin specifically designed to withstand higher temperatures.

We recently collaborated with Formlabs on a technical paper they published, detailing how their 3D printers can be used to make prototype injection molds.

You can download the paper directly from their website here.

Here’s a webinar from Formlabs that talks about how 3D printed molds can be used for short-run injection molding.

Formlabs Whitepaper and Webinar

Mold blank insert  - Fits inside Mold frame (MMB-201-1)

Mold blank insert  - Fits inside Mold frame (MMB-301-1)

Mold blank insert  - Fits inside Mold frame (MMB-401-1)

Mold blank - 01    2.63”W  x 2.63”H x .50” thick

Mold blank - 02   4.00”W  x 2.63”H x .50” thick


.ipt file format (Autodesk Inventor)


Example mold-01 - dual cavity test bar

Use this mold drawing as a general reference for the different features that are typically embodied in a 3D printed mold, such as the SPRUE, GATES, RUNNERS, CAVITIES, ALIGNMENT PINS, AIR VENTS, etc.