Companies that sell RTV mold making supplies:

Machinery related links for inventors:

 Manufactures & sells 3D printer machines:

Sells a benchtop 3-D scanner for $2,995:

Manufactures & sells a personal CNC machine:

Manufactures & sells 3D carving machines:

Discussion forum for CNC machine users:   

Sells 3D printing machines, scanners, design software, and more: (located in Sweden)

 Technical information for numerous plastics:

Has large data base of material data sheets for plastics (and other materials):

Search engine for plastics. Has free access to data sheets, articles, technical info.

Potential suppliers of plastic resin pellets:

Long (random?) list of suppliers, distributors, brokers, resellers of plastic resin pellets, chemical additives, colorants, etc.:

Model B-100

Benchtop Injection Molder


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