Model B-100

Benchtop Injection Molder

Model B-100

Maximum processing temperature

600F (316C)

Injection tube capacity

Volume = 1 cu. inch. (16 cm3) - aprox. 17g of PS by weight

Volts AC

120 or 240 (see markings on machine and controller)



Thermal circuit breaker switch

Model B-100: 5AMP

   ECB-001 Controller: 10AMP

Maximum mold size

2.50”D x 2.63”H x 4.00”W  (63mm x 67mm x 101mm)

Injection nozzle orifice

.125” dia.(3.18mm)

Sprue center line

1.25” (31.75mm) - from back plate to center of nozzle orifice.

Machine weight

35 lbs. (15 Kg)

Machine footprint

4.00”W x 8.25”D (101mm x 210mm)

Maximum machine dimension

9” x 14” x 25” (23cm x 36cm x 64cm) - with handle up


1-year Limited Warranty.

*NOTE: Our machines do not carry a UL or CSA mark. Our 240V version is CE marked.


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